IP Core Design
Sep. 2002

Prof. Chein-Wei Jen Prof. Chein-Wei Jen

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「單晶片系統 (System on Chip – SoC)」是由Processor、Memory、Digital IPs、Analog/Mixed Signal Modules 、RF 與Interfaces 等功能模組在單晶片上建構成。本課程將介紹Digital IP 之設計,和在SoC 上之Bus 介面與整合關係。本課程包含授課與實驗,實驗部份是一個 期末專題,在ARM development system (Integrator)上完成。

Cell-based VLSI Design
《Course Contents》
  • Introduction to IP and SoC
  • IP Core Design Flow
  • Algorithm and Architecture Explorations
  • VCI Standard and On-chip Bus
  • ARM Processor and Platform-based Design
  • IP Modeling and Verifications
  • Some Design Studies
  • 《Instructor》
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    > > > Handout < < <
      Chapter 1. Introduction      (2002.9.18)
      Chapter 2. ARM Processor Core and Instruction Sets     (2002.9.18)
      Chapter 3. VCI Interface, AMBA Bus and Platform-based Design     (2002.10.18)
      Chapter 4. IP Core Design, Modeling and Verification     (2002.12.2)
      Chapter 5. Algorithm and Architecture Exploration in IP Core Design     (2002.12.24)


    > > > Lab & Homework < < <
    > > > Related Information - Reading & Resources < < <

    《IP Code Design Group》
        Register for the instruments
        Questions? Problems?
        Check the IP Core Design Group
         ARM Architecture Reference Manual (ver. Jane 2000, E)
           To complete your homework, you may need the information described in Part A of this document.
           Proprietary Notice: This document is owned by ARM Limited and you can find one copy in ARM ADS CD.
                                           For convenience shake, we put it here.
         AMBA Specification

    《Algorithms and Architectures》
        Keshab K. Parhi,
        "VLSI Digital Signal Processing Systems, Design and Implementation," John Wiely & Sons, 1999
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